Plastic Scm

Version control is the operating system of software development. It can solve problems efficiently and silently, or it can create more. Plastic SCM is a distributed version control, but can work centralized too. It is excellent with branching and merging, can deal with huge projects and big binary assets natively, and it comes with GUIs and tools to make everything simpler. Plastic solves problems.

What you can solve with Plastic SCM

Game development

Big files, huge projects, Unity and Unreal? Tired of Perforce and can’t go to Git? We got you covered.

Artists need a simpler tool, locking and hate branches

Host your projects in the Cloud

We host your repositories online so you can forget about server maintenance and upgrades. Even when your reports are in the hundreds of GB range.

Team infrastructure

Distributed team?
Need to work centralized?
Need strong branching and merging?

Scale Git-like workflows

You need Git-like branching and merging, distributed, but miss security, huge project support, scalability.

Perforce migration

You need the industrial-strength but also modern version control.

Implement DevOps

You can implement a true DevOps cycle with Plastic SCM and Bamboo/TeamCity/Jenkins.