The Top Reasons you are still using legacy DOORS, are the same reasons you should reconsider it.

DOORS 9 was once Requirements Management luxury, but it has reached end of life. Without an automatic upgrade path to other IBM tools, or any one IBM tool that matches its features, it threatens to become a hindering legacy.

It puzzles us at Corbinsoft that many companies still use DOORS 9 for current Software and Product development, but we think we have found some reasons why: It is all about the Modules you have, and the DXL that makes them special.

We will discuss the aging architecture of DOORS and the Siemens Digital Industry software and methods that match and exceed DOORS features.

This is what is on our minds, and why you will want to attend:

  • We get that you love the DOORs Module – While Agile tools serve well the developer teams, DOORS Modules connected to the Business; now Siemens software modernizes the concept into  a new brand of innovated documents enable nimble releases and true “business agility.”  

  • You might hate DXL scripting, but your business depended on it – DOORS scripting-enabled Modules could follow a business process, and sometimes a complex one. This same tradition is superseded by the user-configurable UI, workflow configurations of Siemens Polarion.

  • You can’t tolerate the DOORS architecture anymore – The DOORS fat client/server doesn’t compare to a single web server instantly enabling the simultaneous connection of global constituents; new architecture is needed to keep the pace of DevOps.

What if we could show how to walk away from DOORS and move into a unified platform one module at a time or in mass? 

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